Aaron Rodgers back atop 2014 QB rankings

Well it's never too early to take a look at 2014. Actually, it probably is too early with all of the coaching changes and everything that is going to happen between now and NFL Fantasy Draft Week. But that won't stop me. (Plus, I will invoke the "right to change my mind" clause at any time.)

  • I will put Rodgers back into the top spot right now. The big thing I would like to see during the playoffs is how willing he is to run. He really didn't tuck the ball and run against the Bears until it was very late in the game. And then you had the old Rodgers swagger once again.
  • Here's the deal with Peyton Manning. He's not going to retire. He's just not. And when the Broncos flame out in the playoffs again, he's going to be more determined than ever to rewrite the record books. Hell, he might go for 70 TD passes next year if Andy Luck and the Colts come to Denver and beat him.
  • It should be pointed out, the year after Tom Brady threw 50 touchdown passes, he threw 50 fewer the following season. #misleadingstats
  • Foles will be in his second full season as a starter next year, third in the league. But some of the top quarterbacks had trouble in their second year as a starter.

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  • I fear I have too much faith in Kaepernick. But it seems like something was just off this season in San Francisco. And of course, a full season of Michael Crabtree should do him wonders.
  • Philip Rivers is just off the list, and he would be my No. 11. You can take some solace if you end up with Rivers in your league. Rivers could certainly move up the list if the Chargers can land somebody like Mike Evans in the draft, though I don't think he'll be on the board that long.
  • Matt Ryan is going to be excellent next season. With Roddy White and Julio Jones healthy, the Falcons should be ready to fly once again. I won't move him up in my rankings just yet, because I have friends who will bid up the price in my own leagues. I'm joking. Or am I? I'm not.
  • Robert Griffin III is going to be worth snagging as a QB2 next year. I wouldn't run the risk of entrusting my entire fantasy team to him, however, he's a great second option. This coaching hire by the Redskins is going to be very interesting.
  • Matthew Stafford also concerns me. I will feel a lot better if the Lions hire an offensive-minded coach. But this being the Lions, I don't feel like they will go in that direction.

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