A sneak peek at what's in the upcoming NFL Magazine

Suh Speaks!

In an exclusive interview with NFL Magazine, the Lions' embattled star opens up, revealing a lot more of himself than he has previously, and introducing fans to a deeper and more introspective person than some of his actions have shown. Read this article to meet the complete Ndamukong Suh. By Thomas George

Rodgers Rules!

The issue features a long profile of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers star QB, with a focus on how his experience winning last year's Super Bowl will play a huge part in how he leads Green Bay in defending the title. By Bob McGinn

Insider Access: Command Center

Every Sunday, a room deep within NFL headquarters in New York is filled with people watching football on TV. They're not just fans, though, they're hard at work monitoring every moment of every game. NFL Magazine got an exclusive inside look at what goes on in the NFL Officiating Command Center.

Playoff History

The issue features two visits to great NFL playoff events:
» Warriors: 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the "Epic in Miami", the overtime playoff thriller between the Chargers and Dolphins. The inspiring play of Kellen Winslow led San Diego to victory in a game that remains among the NFL's most exciting ever.
» The Tuck Rule: A controversial ruling 10 years ago in a playoff game continues to have an impact in today's NFL. Here's a look at how the Tuck Rule game affected the Patriots and Raiders in very different ways.

Titanic Tight Ends!

Three tight ends made NFL history this year, as the position rocketed to prominence in NFL offensive schemes. NFL Magazine features a photo story on record-setting Rob Gronkowski and his rival Jimmy Graham, as well as a profile of one of the guys those two young players are emulating -- Tony Gonzalez, who became the NFL's No. 2 all-time receiver in 2011.

Much More Inside:

» Visit with fashion plate Larry Fitzgerald as he models some of his custom outfits.
» Work off those holiday pounds with the help of the Eagles trainer and exercise balls.
» Go Under the Helmet to find out what NFL stars made for their New Years' resolutions.
» Hear from LeSean McCoy, Jerome Bettis, Brian Billick, Boomer Esiason, and more NFL experts and insiders.
» You can even find out what's inside the NFL football ... and just who the Duke was.

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