A note from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

A note from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

NFL Hall-of-Famer Anthony Munoz said when accepting the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's Hispanic Heritage Award for Leadership, "We all need to sit down and think about how we want to be remembered as a person, as a leader."

In that spirit, the NFL and HHF began a partnership 7 years ago to recognize Latino leaders in the NFL's 32 markets to inspire, challenge and mobilize others to make an impact on their communities through the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. As part of that effort, a donation was made to a local nonprofit of the awardees choice to make the impact more sustainable. More than $300,000 have been donated as approximately 200 Latino leaders have been recognized.

But how can the collection of innovative, dedicated leaders be best advantaged to move the Latino community forward?

The answer was the creation of the Hispanic Leaders Alliance (HLA) which was co-founded by the NFL, HHF and Nationwide to build a select network of Latino leadership from across the country to continue engagement, provide the leaders a unique forum to dialogue, share ideas, have access to research and best practices, and collaborate to ultimately make an even greater impact, together, on the Hispanic community.

Together, we want to make sure that all of the members of the HLA aren't only remembered but leveraged for even greater impact.

Jose Antonio Tijerino
President & CEO
Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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