A Manziel package? 'Always a possibility,' OC says

The Browns, though only 1-2, are nearing the point of no return on offense.

Regardless of whether the TMZ story about players frustrated over the fact that Johnny Manziel is not starting is true or not, the team is so firmly planted between a rock and a hard place that they don't know to wriggle out.

To wit: An interview with offensive coordinator John DeFilippo on Thursday where DeFilippo was asked if maybe the Browns would consider starting Josh McCown but deploying a Manziel package to make them less predictable.

"That's always a possibility," DeFilippo said, via Cleveland.com. "To say we don't have plays ready for Johnny Manziel against the San Diego Chargers, I'd be lying to you. OK? I'd be lying to you. So you never know. We may use them and we may not. That's the competitive advantage of showing up and playing an opponent on Sunday. They don't know what we're going to do and we don't know what they're going to do."

First off, if DeFilippo actually had planned a Manziel package there's no way he would announce it on Thursday. Planting the seed in the head of his opponent is one thing -- maybe they'll spend 15 minutes altering a sub package that can slow him down -- but handing them your secret weapon is another altogether.

No, this team is either destined to coast with McCown or actually find out what Manziel can do. There cannot be a middle ground and DeFilippo, who has coached both Derek Carr and Terrelle Pryor, knows this. Sink or swim is the best way to go about this.

Unfortunately, the Browns aren't there mentally yet, unable to realize that there really is no other option. A Manziel package would only make the problem worse.

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