A look at our top 10 favorite Color Rush uniforms

Editor's note: The Rams and Seahawks will don their Color Rush uniforms tonight at 8:25 p.m. ET. In September, Around The NFL's Conor Orr ranked his favorite Color Rush unis.

After an eight-team test run in 2015, all 32 NFL teams will don a Color Rush uniform in 2016.

When will your team be wearing an alternate uniform? Here's the schedule as it stands now, according to a release sent out by the league on Tuesday morning (100 percent of the NFL's proceeds from Color Rush jerseys will fund youth health, safety and wellness programs):

» 9/15 -- Jets at Bills

» 9/22 -- Texans at Patriots

» 9/29 --  Dolphins at Bengals

» 10/6 --  Cardinals at 49ers

» 10/13 -- Broncos at Chargers

» 10/20 --  Bears at Packers

» 10/27 --  Jaguars at Titans

» 11/3 -- Falcons at Buccaneers

» 11/10 --  Browns at Ravens

» 11/17 --  Saints at Panthers

» 12/1 --  Cowboys at Vikings

» 12/8 --  Raiders at Chiefs

» 12/15 -- Rams at Seahawks

» 12/22 --  Giants at Eagles

» 12/25 -- Ravens at Steelers (special edition of Thursday Night Football)

While there is a lot of new uniform combinations to digest here, we'll take a look at our 10 favorites from this morning. A picture of every color rush uniform can be found here, or on your favorite team's respective Twitter feed.

1. New York Giants

Thoughts:Giants return to the classic helmet logo and an all-white look that makes us long for the days of Lawrence Taylor.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Thoughts: Finally! More of the neon that has underscored Seattle's uniforms for the past few years. Charlie Kelly finally has his day.

3. San Diego Chargers

Thoughts: Was always a big fan of the Royal blue shade on San Diego's uniforms. Now, we get it from head to toe.

4. Denver Broncos

Thoughts: Like the Giants, we can't resist a great throwback helmet. The classic "D" logo is back for one night only in October. (Photos of the helmet can be found on the team site here).

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Thoughts: Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity. Fun detail gives a fresh look to an otherwise consistent Bengals vibe.

6. New Orleans Saints

Thoughts: Many teams are also using this as an opportunity to do a throwback as well. The gold accents and the striped sleeves have the Saints looking good for their Color Rush matchup against the Panthers.

7. Arizona Cardinals

Thoughts: Some of the all-black looks run together in my mind, but this is a great combination. Hopefully, Bruce Arians will have a matching Kangol.

8. New England Patriots

Thoughts: Sometimes it's what's inside the uniform that counts. The Patriots have always been good with rotating in their throwback uniforms, but this provides a fresh look to the red, white and blue color scheme.

9. Detroit Lions

Thoughts: A fun twist on their black alternates with more glowy stuff added to the blue numbers. Because hey, why not?

10. Baltimore Ravens

Thoughts: If only because Joe Flacco is going to look hilarious in this.

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