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A.J. Green on his Hail Mary catch: 'Luck. All luck.'

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How about A.J. Green's miracle grab of a 51-yard Hail Mary from Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. The catch sent Cincinnati into overtime against the Ravens, a game Baltimore ultimately won 20-17.

Defeat for the Bengals defuses some of the play's wonder, but it remains one of Sunday's best.

So how did Green pull it off?

A rash of pundits wondered if Jay Gruden's offense was so sprinkled with complexity that the last-ditch pass specifically called for Green to be set apart from his mates, waiting for the designed tip to float in his direction.

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No dice. The Bengals, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer, don't even practice the Hail Mary.

"I was in the right spot at the right time; we talk about that a lot," Green told the newspaper. "And I was just looking for someone to tap the ball so I could catch it. I stood off to the side and watched. I was thinking about coming back closer to the ball, but I stayed right where I was and the ball found me. It would have been a great play had we won."

It was a fine play either way, but Green speaks truth. Hail Mary shots don't mean much when you've just lost your second straight game in overtime.

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