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A better fit than 'Skins exists for veteran signal-caller McNabb

This can't really be the end of the line for Donovan McNabb, can it?

There must be at least one NFL team that has a place for his experience and for his passing skills -- that have declined yet were good enough for him to have his fourth consecutive 3,000-yard season in 2010 -- and for his feet that allowed him to have his highest yards-per-carry average (5.2) in the last four years.

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The attempt here is not to sell McNabb as a savior to the many clubs with quarterback troubles. It's simply to point out that he should still qualify as a viable solution until one of the several rookie passers selected in last month's draft finds his way into the starting lineup or for a team with no true short- or long-term answer at the position.

The recent report of his refusal to wear a wristband containing a playsheet was among multiple examples of McNabb's disconnect with the Washington Redskins' coaching staff last season, but should not be a cue to automatically assume he's hit the end of the line.

Image concerns were cited as the reason he balked at wearing the wristband. While that could easily be seen as an unacceptable form of insubordination, it's fair to understand McNabb's point of view that a veteran quarterback in his 12th season shouldn't be seen using such an overt crutch.

The problem wasn't the wristband. The problem was that McNabb was a terrible fit in Mike Shanahan's scheme and that made the chances of him forming good chemistry with the coach's son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, next to impossible. The mistake was the Redskins not figuring this out before they made the trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire McNabb.

A better fit exists, whether it's in Arizona or Miami or somewhere else. McNabb will come cheap, but, in the right situation (anything but what he had in Washington), he won't be worthless.

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