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49ers DC DeMeco Ryan on Nick Bosa progress: Still day to day

Nick Bosa exploded out of his stance and onto the scene during a rookie season in which he was a crucial component in the San Francisco 49ers' run to a Super Bowl appearance.

Bosa's second campaign never got to denotate due to an ACL tear and the watch continues as to when he'll be back to 100 percent.

On Wednesday, the former first-round pick had a maintenance day and first-year defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans let it be known there was no rushing to get Bosa back out there.

"Bosa's still just, you know, day to day taking a maintenance day and coming back, progressing," Ryans said. "When it's time for him to be back in he'll be back out there."

Bosa's follow-up from an AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year-winning season in 2019 was a season that added up to only two games, his second seeing him tear his ACL against the Jets.

Roughly a week ago, Bosa conveyed that he believes he’ll be back by Week 1, but for Ryans it's all about reps translating to confidence.

"The main thing for Bosa is just him taking the time to make sure he has the confidence in his knee to go out there and perform at a high level," Ryans said. "Once he gets, you know, the reps he needs, gets the confidence in his knee and he'll be fine."

And Bosa being "fine," is bad news for the opposition as two season ago would attest.

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