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2021 NFL Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 2: Intro

You have lineup questions. We have answers. At least we hope. Start 'Em & Sit 'Em has helped fantasy managers for years make those pressing lineup decisions. And you know what is a good decision? Starting Patrick Mahomes. But that's too obvious, so you won't see that here. Instead here are some of the most-pressing questions. And, if you can't find a player you are looking for, please check out latest NFL Fantasy lineup rankings right here.

Forgive me, because I like to get this column out early in the week, but has Aaron Rodgers been confirmed as the Packers starting quarterback this week? I don't want to say that Rodgers performance was the most-disinterested I have ever seen in a starting NFL quarterback. Mostly because I watched every single one of Jay Cutler's starts for the Bears. But Rodgers had that feel about him like a high school senior coming back after lunch on the Friday before spring break. Kind of like Rodgers accepted an invite to a party that he never really wanted to go to in the first place and the moment he got there, he already regretted his decision.

I mean, I know he talked a lot about The Last Dance (copying something Chicago famously did, which is so on-brand for Wisconsin). I didn't realize The Last Dance was going to be on Sunday. And I was offended because he's on my fantasy team and I wasn't given a proper invite. Like where was the announcement?

But if you'll allow me to borrow from Rodgers own vernacular. Relax. I'm relatively confident Rodgers is going to be on the field Monday night (in uniform, too). Just as I was that he would even show up for Packers camp during the summer. And he's going to destroy the Detroit Lions. Like he always does. I mean, it was fun watching Rodgers and the Packers implode for one week. It's like going to school one day and realizing the bully didn't show up. It's refreshing. Well, until your own team played on Sunday night.

Here, though, is the thing you need to know. Rodgers has a history of bouncing back from losses. Maybe not losses as bad as losing 38-3 in Week 1. But a history of it. Rodgers is 6-0 in the game following a loss under Matt LaFleur. This obviously being in the regular season. Because Rodgers and the Packers lost to the Bucs in the 2020 NFC Championship Game (at Lambeau Field). But Rodgers has thrown four touchdown passes and no interceptions in the next game after each of his last four losses.

If we want to dig further, Rodgers has had 18 passing touchdowns and one pick in seven starts in the next game following a game with at least two interceptions. And he's never thrown two picks in back-to-back games.

Rodgers had had a sub-50 passer rating in three previous starts. In the next start that season, Rodgers is 3-0, averaged 335 passing yards per game with nine touchdowns and no interceptions. This is why I went ahead and posted all of my memes, TikToks and whatnot because that game was a lot like the McRib. It's only going to happen in very rare occasions so you might as well relish it while you can.

And make sure you're starting him on Monday night.

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