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2019 NFL head coach power rankings: Bill Belichick still No. 1

Just about everyone agrees Bill Belichick is the premier head coach in pro football today. But who comes after him in the pecking order?

Overall record is usually the primary metric when judging these coaches. That's not always the case in the actual job interview, though (and it's not the only measuring stick in this exercise). We saw hires this offseason where, in some cases, the new front man's win-loss record was either poor or nonexistent (six of the eight teams that made a change this offseason hired men who had never been an NFL HC).

All of which makes ranking the non-Belichick's a strenuous exercise. Check out the parsing below for the 26 guys who have experience in the role, with my thoughts on the first-time NFL HCs below them (that group is listed in alphabetical order). Would love to hear your thoughts. @HarrisonNFL is the place.

THE NEWBIES (in alphabetical order)

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