2017 NFL Draft: Five head-scratching selections

We all guess about which draft picks will be successful and which won't work out. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to their talent combined with their fit, as well as their health. A lot of factors will go into determining whether or not these players work out. However, on the surface in taking a first glance at the 2017 NFL Draft, here are five picks that I didn't quite understand.

1. Mitchell Trubisky, Bears (No. 2 overall): I know a bunch of folks have given the Bears a hard time for the trade up from No. 3 to No. 2. That doesn't bother me. The evaluation is the issue. I simply don't think Trubisky is worth a top-five pick in this year's draft. Fortunately, he'll be surrounded by a good offensive line and run game. This could work out, but I don't love the value of the player/slot.

2. Malik McDowell, Seahawks (No. 35 overall): The Seahawks have had some success taking on projects, but I thought there were better options available when they took McDowell. Offensive lineman Forrest Lamp was still on the board and he would've stepped right in and started for a very suspect group in Seattle. McDowell has a ton of ability, but his lack of consistency and effort was troubling in his college tape.

3. Joe Mixon, Bengals (No. 48 overall): I understand the desire and need to give people a second chance. I'm not against Mixon getting that opportunity, but I wish he would've gone to a different organization. The Bengals' collection of players with off-field issues is quite deep. Hopefully it works out for both parties. One thing is for sure -- he is immensely talented.

4. Ahkello Witherspoon, 49ers (No. 66 overall): I loved what John Lynch was able to accomplish in this draft class. I'm a big believer in Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. However, I thought the 49ers reached for Witherspoon. He is long and athletic, but he doesn't play physical and he got abused by the USC wide receivers last fall. UCLA CB Fabian Moreau was still on the board and I thought he was a far superior talent.

5. Caleb Brantley, Browns (No. 185 overall): Brantley has a pending legal issue and I didn't think he would get selected this past weekend. Every team I talked to had removed him from the board. The Browns already admitted there might be some information forthcoming that could lead to his release. There were still some quality players on the board and I didn't think Brantley warranted the risk.

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