2008 NFL Draft order

The Miami Dolphins will make the first choice of the 2008 NFL Draft on April 26-27.

The Dolphins' choice will be followed by the St. Louis Rams picking second and the Atlanta Falcons third, Oakland Raiders fourth, and the Kansas City Chiefs fifth. Atlanta won a coin toss with Oakland and Kansas City for the right to choose third. All three teams had identical 4-12 records in 2007.

Though Buffalo and Denver had the same strength of schedule, their tie for the 11th and 12th positions was broken by the conference tie-breaker. Since Denver defeated Buffalo in head-to-head competition, Buffalo is given priority in the draft order and will select in the 11th position.

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions also had the same strength of schedule. Their tie for the 14th and 15th positions was broken by the divisional tiebreaker. Since the Lions defeated the Bears twice in head-to-head competition, Chicago is given priority and will select in the 14th position.

The rest of the draft was determined based on playoff performance. This is the reason why several teams swapped positions, including the New York Giants, who fell to the bottom of the first round because of their Super Bowl win.

The New England Patriots lost pick No. 31 as a reprimand for illegally using videotape on the sidelines in a Week 1 victory over the Jets. The Giants moved up from the 32nd pick to 31st.

*Record and strength of schedule is for team originally slotted to draft in that position.

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