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1st-round pick Ginn agrees to terms with Dolphins

MIAMI (AP) -Speedy rookie Ted Ginn Jr. makes the Miami Dolphins faster even when it comes to contract negotiations.

Miami's first-round draft pick agreed to terms Friday on a five-year deal worth more than $13 million, meaning the team will have all 87 players signed when the full squad begins training camp Saturday.

All 10 Dolphins draft picks are under contract, a change from the past two years, when their top choices held out and missed the start of camp.

"It's great to be here on time," said Ginn, a receiver and returner from Ohio State taken ninth in the draft. "We both had the same goal - to come in and be on time and be ready to start rolling. It all worked out fine."

Holdouts by top picks Ronnie Brown in 2005 and Jason Allen in 2006 angered Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga. Last March, Huizenga said any rookie holdouts this year would be benched when they finally reported.

The Dolphins set Friday as a deadline for Ginn, but he said he didn't feel pressured. General manager Randy Mueller said he was unsure whether Huizenga's threat made a difference.

"Like Ted said, we all wanted the same thing," Mueller said. "Wayne is passionate about the business side. We were shooting for today. We're happy."

Ginn missed five practices for rookies this week, but he made it to team meetings Friday as a prelude to the first full-squad workout. He sprained his left foot during an end zone celebration after returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown at the BCS national championship game, but said he's 100 percent and won't be limited in practice.

Mueller said it's a boost to the Dolphins to have their top pick in camp on time.

"It's giant," he said. "It does send the right message. Ted wanted to be here working. He didn't want to hold out. He wanted to be here with his teammates.

"We know what do with him. We'll start working him in."

Ginn scored 26 touchdowns at Ohio State, including a Big Ten-record six while returning punts. He made 59 catches for 781 yards and nine scores as a junior last year, and he was the second receiver drafted, behind Calvin Johnson, who went to the Detroit Lions with the No. 2 pick.

The Dolphins hope Ginn can bolster a sputtering offense that has been the primary culprit in the team's five-year playoff drought. He was asked if he'll be the fastest player in the NFL.

"No," he said.

Will he be in the top 10?

"Yeah," he said.

While he's swift, Ginn has been criticized for running poor routes, dropping too many passes and struggling to get off the line. Fans jeered new Dolphins coach Cam Cameron at the team's draft party in April for bypassing Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn in the first round and picking Ginn instead.

Ginn is well aware of the controversy.

"He has handled it really good to this point," Mueller said. "I think that's another reason he wanted to get here and give himself the best chance to succeed. We told him after the draft, you can't be concerned with the criticism you may get or we may get. You've got to be yourself."

He'll be well paid to do just that.

Ginn spent this week in South Florida, shopping for a house while awaiting a contract agreement. He bought a six-bedroom, five-bath home in the suburb of Miramar.

"It's a nice big house," he said. "It's a dream that comes true, with help from the Dolphins organization."

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