Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy




To provide a safer environment for the public and significantly expedite fan entry into stadiums, NFL teams have implemented an NFL policy that limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into stadiums. Exceptions to this policy will be made for all medically necessary items after proper inspection.

Prior to attending a game, fans are encouraged to visit the NFL team's website for additional guidelines specific to the stadium.

The NFL strongly encourages fans not to bring any bags, but fans will be able to carry the following style and size bag, package, or container at stadium plaza areas, stadium gates, or when approaching queue lines of fans awaiting entry into the stadium:

o Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12" or 30.5 x 15.25 x 30.5 cm. This includes clear backpacks, clear fanny packs and clear cinch bags that fit within the permissible dimensions.Official NFL team logo clear plastic tote bags will be available through club merchandise outlets or at

o No buckles, grommets/hardware or décor can be concealing any part of the bag.

o One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziplock bag or similar).


o Logo can only be on one side of the bag.

o Small bags, non-clear bags that do not exceed 4.5" x 6.5" in size, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.


Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: coolers* (unless medically necessary), briefcases, non-clear backpacks, non-clear fanny packs, diaper bags* (unless medically necessary), non-clear cinch bags, non-approved seat cushions* (unless medically necessary), luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera or binocular bags or any non-clear bag larger than the permissible size (4.5" x 6.5")

We encourage fans to visit individual NFL team websites for specific stadium information.

For questions about exceptions for medical reasons, please see below.

*Non-approved seat cushions include large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers. Fans should ask for Stadium Security to have their seat cushion examined.


How does the policy improve public safety?

Any prohibited bag inside the secondary perimeter will be highly visible and easily identifiable. This establishes a protected buffer area for fans in plaza-level areas and at the queues for stadium entry. Prohibited bags will be turned away. Any prohibited bag inside the secondary perimeter will be highly visible and more quickly resolved.

The clear bag is easily and quickly searched and greatly reduces faulty bag searches. It also supports the Department of Homeland Security's "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign.

How many bags can each person bring into the stadium?

One large clear bag (either a one-gallon Ziploc style bag or a 12" x 6" x 12" clear bag, plus a non-clear bag that is 4.5" x 6.5" or smaller).

What about bringing blankets in cold weather?

Fans can bring blankets by tossing them over a shoulder or arm and proceeding through screening.

What happens if I show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?

Fans carrying bags that do not meet the criteria will be turned away from the stadium well before they reach the gates. As an alternative for guests that have no other option, stadiums are encouraged to consider providing the opportunity to temporarily check non-compliant bags at a facility located well outside the bag-restricted area. Check with your local stadium before the game to see if alternative storage is available.

If I have certain items that I need to bring into the stadium for medical reasons and they won't fit in the clear bag, what do I do?

Exceptions to this policy will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection. 

If you have special medical equipment that you need to have with you at all times, there will be exceptions to this policy after proper inspection. Security will be present at stadium entrances to allow screening of these bags and medically necessary items.

Do I have to put everything I'm carrying into the permissible bags?

No. We limit the type and number of bags carried into the stadium, not the items that you normally bring to a game; therefore, you can carry non-prohibited personal items in your pockets or jacket. You can carry a blanket and wear binoculars and/or a camera around your neck or hold them in your hands without the case. Every member of your group may carry in a permissible bag.

What about diaper bags?

Diapers can be carried in a clear bag. Each member of a family, including children, is allowed to carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse into the stadium.

If I have special medical equipment I need to have with me at all times, where do I put that?

Exceptions to this policy will be made for all medically necessary items after proper inspection.  Security will be present at stadium entrances to allow screening of these bags and medically necessary items

Does this policy affect the ability of fans to tailgate? Are there limitations on tailgating items?

No. Fans can enjoy tailgating activities in the parking lots and leave any prohibited items/bags in their vehicles when heading into the stadium.