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Devon Kennard



In 2019, Devon Kennard took his already existing relationship with the Midnight Golf Program a step further. Devon was able to work closely with the Midnight Golf Program all of 2018 and decided he would create his own "Devon Kennard Scholarship Fund" for the students that are a part of the program in 2019. Devon received over 50 applications for his scholarship and personally read every single essay. Of the 50 applicants, he chose two $5,000 scholarship recipients.

Upon entering the NFL, Devon has been a consistent pillar in the community for both the New York Giants and Detroit Lions. Due to his passion for education and under privileged kids, Devon frequently spent his time helping kids with homework and reading at New City Kids, an organization based in Jersey City, NJ. Not only has Devon donated money, but most importantly he's donated his time. Devon's efforts with led to the NY Giants making New City Kids, an Inspire Change partner.

While in college at the University of Southern California, Devon graduated with his undergrad and master's degree in 4 1/2 years while also being named team captain his senior year. While he was seeing success on the field and in the classroom, Devon also realized his passion for helping underprivileged kids while in college. Devon and 12 of his teammates traveled to Haiti and build homes for under privileged families. Seeing kids surviving with so little made Devon realize a part of his purpose is to serve kids with little to no resources. He has been a leader through his words and actions throughout his career which is why he has been voted a NFLPA player representative four of his six years playing in the NFL as well as a team captain two years in row. When it comes to giving back, whether he was in New York or in Detroit, he has remained a consistent and reliable go to guy for community events no matter what time of year.

Devon believes that giving money to organizations, programs, and kids is great but one of the best things that NFL players can give kids is their time. Kids need positive role models and Devon recognizes that he provides that for them and wants them to see that he is normal just like them and that the success he has had in his life they can duplicate because he's not any different than them. Devon is committed to inspiring change in any and every community that he touches.