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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Baltimore Ravens


Katie Overly

Katie Overly grew up in Lancaster, PA and started following professional football shortly after finishing high school in 2005. Growing up in Southern PA, she was closer to Maryland than the other PA teams…needless to say, it did not take long to feel a sense of belonging to the Ravens Flock! As a long-time Ravens fan she makes the trek for every home game and recently rewarded herself by becoming a Permanent Seat License Owner!

Katie has been in nursing for 13 years and currently works as a Registered Nurse with both the elder population in long-term care and at Penn State Health, Lancaster Medical Center on a Medical-Surgical Unit. As a nurse working on the front lines, especially through the pandemic, her passion for Ravens football remains strong and helps her push through some endless tough times. She is known as "the nurse with the purple hair"- a usual conversation starter while providing care to patients. They bond with debates on stats, scores and favorite players. Kindness, compassion and laughter are important in life, with laughter often being the best medicine. Katie provides her patients with all three!