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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Los Angeles Rams


Gus Obregon

Known as the "Guardian of SoFi Stadium, the Galactic superhero of the Los Angeles Rams, the predator on the hunt to seek out the resistance, to isolate the intruders that show up on gameday with a mission to disrupt," Gus Obregon, or more commonly called the Ramator, is the chosen 2022 Fan of the Year for the Los Angeles Rams. Since the 1970s, Gus's passion for professional football and love for the Rams was born while watching high-stakes games at family reunions. Witnessing Youngblood, McCutcheon, and Harris on the 1975 Rams formed an inseparable bond between Gus and his favorite team.
The superhero character Ramator came into inception in 2021 when Gus noticed that the Rams fan base needed a new spark of energy and something to be excited about if the team was not playing so well on-field. Gus understood that Rams fans needed a fearless leader and spirited representation in and outside of SoFi Stadium, where "the silent needed a voice to cheer, the doubters needed faith to stand, the weak needed strength to fight, and we needed new fans to rise from the ashes." 
Although the Ramator presents himself as the tough Rams fan who seeks to destroy his foes, the man behind the mask has more to offer than merely cheering on our players. Mr. Obregon's involvement in the Autism Society of Los Angeles and commitment to the Elite Super Fans fan club proves that he is a true superhero in and out of his costume. The mission of the Autism Society of Los Angeles is to empower individuals with autism and other disabilities, their families, and professionals through education, advocacy, and support in the community to ensure an equitable quality of life for all. Within a similar vein, Gus was appointed to the board of Elite Super Fans whose mission is to promote unity of all fans, encourage sportsmanship, and to stop all forms of bullying with chapters across all 32 NFL teams. Membership and leadership within the organization helps to provide support for the poor, children, elderly, and veterans' causes. Gus's own achievements within the organization consist of raising funds and support for various forms of bullying, from burned victims to physical violence. Within SoFi Stadium, Gus successfully signed up nearly a dozen fans that are currently involved in the Stop Bullying Movement. Additionally, Gus was nominated to the Elite Super Fans Hall of Fame. 
The Ramator sticks up for the little guy and is welcoming to all fans at his Elite Super Fans tailgate, Rams fans and opponents alike, all while making a true impact in his community.