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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Atlanta Falcons


Harold Tom Dunn

Tom Dunn is truly an extraordinary Falcons fan who inspires others. His love for the Falcons started with his Aunt Lois and Uncle Joe who purchased season tickets in 1969. Going to games with them was the beginning to Tom's deep passion for Falcons football and sharing it with family and friends. In 1979, he and his wife, Diane, purchased Falcons season tickets. Almost married for 45 years, they have attended the games through pregnancies, moves and other life events, acquiring a Falcons family of more than 150 fellow fans who are just as close and just as important to them as blood relatives. Through Tom's leadership, the group raises funds and/or volunteers for several causes, including the Tommy Nobis Center, Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House and the J Babe Stearn Center in Canton, OH. 

Tom defines being the ultimate fan and tailgater. He is a member of Professional Football's Ultimate Fan Association and served on its board as Vice President for many years. He came up with the idea to design the ultimate tailgating vehicle and built the original Fanbulance from an old ambulance. It was a major attraction at Falcons games with pictures and signatures of former Falcons players. The Fanbulance has appeared in books and periodicals and even in an NFL commercial. 

In 2013, Tom and Diane retired and moved to Orlando, Florida to be near their grandchildren, fourth generation Falcons fans! Due to the distance, they retired the original Fanbulance and Tom built the new Fanbulance 2.0. True to his dedication to improving the lives of others and his Falcons, he donated the original Fanbulance to the Tommy Nobis Center, a non-profit organization named after the first player ever drafted by the Falcons, whose mission is "Empowering People Through Employment." The organization auctioned it off as a fundraiser. Fanbulance 2.0 is also very popular! It is fully equipped with its own generator and high-def TV. The entire parking lot loves to see Tom show up in his Fanbulance on gameday!

Tom's tailgate is so much fun and brings people together! In addition to the great food, he really shows his Falcons pride. He has started several traditions. At each tailgate, he has a helmet with the opposing team's logo on it and a stuffed red and black falcon on top of the cage. Other fans line up to tour and take pictures with the Fanbulance and cage.

An hour before the game, Tom ends the tailgate with a toast and game day speech then leads everyone into Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch the Falcons warm-up and be ready for kickoff!  His tailgating has been recognized nationally winning several honors.

He never gives up. Not on his team or life. He travels for games and does not miss a home game! Earlier this year he had surgery to get a pacemaker and is currently fighting prostate cancer. This has not stopped him from enjoying life, volunteering or getting together with his Falcons family. He continues to drive from Orlando back to Atlanta for each home game. He says, "I am too blessed to be stressed!" He inspires everyone around him to have that same attitude. He is definitely the Falcons and NFL most extraordinary fan!

Go Falcons!! Rise UP!!