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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Philadelphia Eagles


Matthew Auerbach

Matt Auerbach is an elementary school principal in Wilmington, Delaware, a husband to Sara, and a father to daughter Ayla,13 and son Noah,10. Matt has been a principal for the last nine years. Not only does he have an Eagles poster right next to the American flag in his office, but he also brings in students and staff to recite the Eagles chant during the school's morning announcements before games. A few years ago, as part of a school fundraiser, Matt even shaved a mohawk and dyed his hair green! While Matt is certainly a dedicated super fan of the Eagles, he is also a dedicated educator and leader in his community. He has been working with kids from Title 1 communities for over 20 years with the primary goal of closing the achievement gap. He leads his school by putting kids' needs first and does his best to give them the tools and opportunities to become successful in life, regardless of the circumstances they were born into. He has left a lasting impact on many students and their families, who often stop Matt wherever he goes to tell him how much they appreciate him. Matt has been going to Eagles games since before he could walk. One of his greatest pleasures in life was watching the games with his dad, whether it be at the stadium, on the couch, or flying to Florida to see them play in the Super Bowl. Prior to his father's passing, Matt's dad transferred his season tickets to Matt, which was the greatest gift he could have ever given him. Matt now shares his love of the Eagles with his son, Noah, who often accompanies him to games and has become a super fan in his own right. Matt and Noah enjoy seeing the Eagles play in different stadiums, having traveled to D.C. to watch them play the Commanders and to New Jersey to watch them play the Giants. Matt is not just an incredible person, principal, educator, husband, and father – he is and always will be a dedicated Eagles fan! Go Birds!