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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Arizona Cardinals


Susan Haluzan

Susan came to America, in the early 2000s, as a Canadian citizen. She is the youngest of eight children AND a twin! She first landed in Houston, Texas with her two children, Eli and Trevor, where she put down roots and put herself through medical school, as a single mom, eventually earning her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.

Susan practiced as a Chiropractic Doctor for a short time but felt she was more gifted as an educator in the medical field. She moved into the area of consulting and sales where quickly excelled through the ranks to VP level, specializing in strategic partnership and business development. She has been instrumental in the growth of several well-known companies over the years and is highly regarded and respected in her industry today.

Being raised in a foreign country, Susan was always fascinated by American football. She eventually moved to Arizona and, already a Cardinals fan, quickly joined the Arizona Cardinals family currently residing in section 231 at State Farm Stadium. You can always find her at any Cardinals related event … Training Camps, Draft Parties, Tailgates, you'll even see her on the road attending games, including international games. Susan has a popular social media presence and loves connecting with other fans. Her "football is family" mentality is contagious, and she has played a big role in bringing the Cardinal Fan Community together both locally and abroad, as well as connecting with other teams "Super Fans."

Outside of football, Susan loves to get involved and over the years has volunteered for multiple Foundations, Food Banks, and Charitable Events all over the Valley. She is also an avid Hiker, World Traveler, Marathon Runner, and even competed in the Boston Marathon.

Susan hit another MAJOR milestone in her life when she officially became a United States Citizen in 2016. There is no one more deserving and no one more dedicated to the Arizona Cardinals, the local community, and great state of Arizona!