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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Priscilla Williams

Priscilla has been a Bucs fan since moving to Florida in 1985 and first became a season ticket holder in 2004. 
Because of her loyalty as a Buccaneers fan, she has been chosen for the Fan of the Year. 
One of the most popular Buccaneers fan tailgates, What the Buc, is partially run by Priscilla. The proceeds collected from What the Buc are donated to local Tampa Bay Charity organizations. Her love for the Bucs, goes past just the game of football and extends into the Tampa Bay community. She shares her fandom with everyone she meets and uses that pride to better our community. 

On gamedays, Priscilla started her tenure as a season ticket holder by wearing Pirate costumes and has added more than 25 fancy and fun outfits to wear during games, both home and away. In 2019, Priscilla traveled to London for the Buccaneers international game and plans to go to Germany this year where she can continue to cheer on the Buccaneers, even overseas. Her commitment to the team has shown throughout the years, even through COVID. Priscilla had plans to attend the live draft in Las Vegas until Covid cancelled her plans. Regardless, she was selected to be part of the virtual group to represent Tampa Bay when the pick was made on ESPN. She even managed to return to Las Vegas for the next live draft in 2022.
Priscilla comes to work dressed in Bucs fan attire, always supporting her team. Priscilla even participated in the Super Bowl boat parade and is looking forward to doing it again this season!
Priscilla is known as such a bright, positive and caring person which makes her the best fit for the Fan of the Year!