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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |


NFL Fan of the Year

presented by Captain Morgan


Olof Indridadottir

Olof played soccer and handball for the Icelandic National Team and was introduced to American football – most importantly the Minnesota Vikings – by her partner Kyle. The two made a few international trips from Iceland to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings play in-person. 

Upon moving to the U.S. with Kyle and her four children, the oldest of whom recently joined the United States Armed Forces, Olof's love of football and of the Vikings permeates her daily life. She plays defensive end for the Women's Football Alliance's Minnesota Vixen and helped the Vixen be named the 2021 Division I American Conference Champions. Olof was named the Defensive Player of the Game, the Special Teams Player of the Game and the Defensive Practice Player of the Year for the Minnesota Vixen. She currently is rehabbing a torn ACL.  

Olof is dedicated to serving others. In addition to working in the community with young athletes on football training and development, she is also dedicated to the health-care field. Olof recently completed her doctorate degree in integrative nursing at the University of Minnesota; over the past two years, she has used her training in infectious diseases to impact not only her local community but also cities outside of Minnesota that have needed extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic.