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NFL Fan of the Year

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Teaka Salgado

Teaka Salgado: My name is Teaka Salgado, for the past year I have been a certified nursing assistant working in nursing homes and hospitals in the COVID units. I chose the medical field because I've always enjoyed nurturing and caring for people. Aside from that, as a military wife, I knew this was something I could use anywhere we were stationed. COVID has affected me in a multitude of ways. Seeing my patients unable to connect with their families in person and watching those my age die has been extremely difficult. This pandemic has been exhausting for so many, especially those in healthcare. I got my CNA in 22 days, and did my clinicals at a nursing home that took the hardest COVID hit in our area. I was one of the students eager to volunteer for the COVID unit. Was I afraid? Absolutely, but these patients needed us regardless. Getting my CNA during COVID was challenging, weekly swabs, all the protective equipment, and thankfully being vaccinated right before graduation. But I wouldn't change a thing. For the past 3 years, I have also been a volunteer crisis counselor for crisis text line. Crisis Text Line is similar to the suicide hotline but instead you are connecting with someone through texting. Volunteering for this incredible organization has changed my life and further instilled my passion for caring for others. Every time I sign onto the platform, not knowing what will come my way, I am reminded of my why.

Originally from Snohomish, Washington the Seahawks have been a part of my life ever since I was little. My entire family absolutely loves the Seahawks, watching the games every Sunday with delicious food. My mom always made it a point to either stay home on Sundays, or be home by kick off and it is not different in my household. I couldn't imagine ever loving or cheering for any other team. I have yet to have had the opportunity to attend a game, but my wife and I are saving up with high hopes of attending one soon!

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