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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |


NFL Fan of the Year

presented by Captain Morgan


Jess Rosenberg

Jess Rosenberg: I have been a proud member of Raider Nation since moving to California the same year the Raiders did in 1982 and became a Season Ticket holder after Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. When the Raiders moved to Oakland in 1995, we became commuting PSL and Season Ticket holders for the next 25 years, traveling hundreds of miles to our home games. We had not done well in the lottery for season tickets, but after my wife Susan sent Mr. Davis a letter with Xerox copies of all of our tickets from 1982 to 1995 he personally let us get our upper deck 50 yard line seats back. Thanks to Mark giving first PSL priorities in Las Vegas to Oakland Season Ticket holders, Susan and I were able to get the chance to purchase our current PSL once again. Susan and I are good to go until I am 96 years old, so I look forward to many more great Raider moments.  

Over the years I was selected as "Fan of the Week" and "Famous for a Day" in Oakland, and a picture of Susan and me at the 2003 Super Bowl in South Oakland (San Diego) appears on the back cover of the Raider Nation DVD. I have been blessed to eat Sushi and talk football with Cliff Branch in Oakland - and he let me wear two of his Super Bowl Rings.