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NFL Fan of the Year

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Paul Coletta

Paul Coletta grew up in North Quincy, Massachusetts and football became a big part of his life, being the youngest of six brothers who were all involved in the game as youngsters. At 13, he was selected as an All-American as the Quarterback for the North Quincy Apaches of the newly formed Quincy Youth Football League – this was before the advent of Pop Warner Football in the area.

Paul went on to be the QB of the North Quincy Red Raiders team for the 1953 and 1954 seasons. While at Northeastern University, he played for the Canton Town Team of the New England Semi Pro Conference (this was a number of years before the NFL came to New England). His teammate on the Canton team was Ed "Butch" Songin, the Boston College All American and the first QB for the New England (then Boston) Patriots. He has been a Season Ticket Member for 63 consecutive years and has not missed a game in that time except for the 1961 season when he served as an Army 1st Lieutenant in Germany. He enjoyed attending games with his five brothers who have all passed, and now enjoys them with his kids and grandkids.