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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |


NFL Fan of the Year

presented by Captain Morgan


Kyle Gamble

Kyle is that fan who does not leave the stadium until the game is completely over, no matter the score. He is the one sending encouraging words from the 500 level, and he prepares a pregame speech every week that he delivers to his tailgate family. He always has faith in the Panthers, saying "we're gonna do it this year," "the coaches have built this team," "these playesr have worked so hard." He even convinced his now wife to to put PSLs on their wedding registry in 2019, saying he wanted to grow old at the Bank together. The couple may not have matching dinnerware and still use their college silverware, but they spent their first year of marriage supporting the Panthers from section 550. His wife says "seeing the way he lights up and cheers [at games] is pricesless!" The amount of passion and faith Gamble has in the Panthers is something most people don't put forth even in their day-to-day lives.

Each home game, Gamble's pregame speech is tied to the matchup of the day. The themes of these speeches have ranged from "Remember the Titans" (Panthers vs. Titans) to "What do Tigers Dream Of" (Panthers vs. Bengals) and "Ravens Poem" (Panthers vs. Ravens). These are speeches that embody encouragement of the players and hype for the fans. Of course, he loves to win, but no matter what the record is he treats every game like it's the most important game of the year.