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NFL 2023 Fan of the Year |


NFL Fan of the Year

presented by Captain Morgan


Chase Smith

Chase Smith has been bleeding blue and silver since he was born in May of 1992. His Dallas Cowboys fandom was inherited from both sets of his grandparents who became Cowboys fans in 1960, when the team was created. Chase's father, after watching all 5 Super Bowl wins, taught Chase at a young age the passion and dedication associated with being a Dallas Cowboys fanatic. 

When Chase was ten years old, he was moved to Montana, leaving his extended family in Texas. Despite the physical distance, their love for Dallas Cowboys football kept them close and gave Chase a sense of comfort in his new state. His fandom also gave him a sense of identity in his new hometown where everyone grew to know him as the biggest Cowboys fan in the world. Chase spreads his love for the Cowboys through meeting new people, growing social media fan groups and socializing with other fans who share his passion.  

A family running 4 generations deep, Chase plans to continue the family tradition by instilling the same passion and fandom for the Dallas Cowboys with his own young son so he can experience the comradery and love that make the Dallas Cowboys truly America's Team.