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Daniel Flores - Houston Texans 2020 Fan of the Year

Daniel Flores

Daniel ("2 Cans Dan") has been a lifelong Houston sports superfan according to himself and all who know him. It all became a major part of his life when his dad passed away and he got out of an abusive relationship, and a good friend of his saw him down on his luck got him a black cowboy beer hat for his birthday. It was like magic - he knew exactly what to do with it. He collected all the unique Texans stickers he could find and put together a masterpiece of fan art. He hasn't missed a home game in over 11 years and travels to away games as much as he can. He made all games home and away last year and has even traveled to the NFL Draft. Over the years he has appeared all across the media showing his support for the Texans - being a Texans fan means everything to him!