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NFL Fan of the Year

Deonte McReynolds - Los Angeles Rams 2020 Fan of the Year

Deonte McReynolds

Being a Rams fan doesn't make Deonte fan of the year… he has earned that through all the sacrifices he has made for his family, his wife and daughter, and the countless efforts he has put in over the years by taking care of his blind grandfather who is a disabled veteran & amputee; his mom a widow of a navy vet. However the Rams are a huge part of his identity. They give him hope. As a firefighter for an underserved community (Compton) he goes to work day in and day out giving his all to a community that is so often neglected and forgotten, and he does it so proudly. Deonte became a firefighter through the Explorer Program, a city program aimed at introducing youth to emergency services with a focus on community service and civic involvement. He has worked as a Compton firefighter for 11 years and has turned down every opportunity for bigger positions with bigger departments and better pay because he is so passionate about serving the community he and his family grew up in.