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Marianne Sladzinski - Philadelphia Eagle 2020 Fan of the Year

Marianne Sladzinski

Marianne is a woman who is more than a fan, displaying her love for the Philadelphia Eagles with such passion, enthusiasm, and energy. While her love of the Eagles is second to none, Marianne is also the fan you can bond with on a personal level. She uses her platform as an Eagles Superfan to council those in need, be a light to those in the Philadelphia community, and lift the spirts of those around her. Marianne's love for the Eagles stems from her father, who introduced her to the team. Some of the biggest heroes are the ones we never see, and Marianne acts as a silent hero to many in this tough social climate. Not many people understand the strength to listen, then advise, Marianne does. She uses her platform with the Eagles to bring joy, and more importantly, reassurance to her community.