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NFL Fan of the Year

Ian “Big E” Berger - Miami Dolphins 2020 Fan of the Year
Ian “Big E” Berger - Miami Dolphins 2020 Fan of the Year

Ian "Big E" Berger

Ian first became a fan of the Miami Dolphins in 1985, when his grandfather took him to his first game at the Orange Bowl. He doesn't remember the details of the game, but remembers the experience and knew at that point that he was going to be a fan for life. Around the time he became a season ticket holder, he also became active on Twitter, solely for the purpose of connecting with worldwide Dolphins fans to share the love of the team and the love of the game with other fans. Through the years, he has built a following of over 16,000 Dolphins fans. This has allowed him to not only share his thoughts on the team, which are usually from an optimistic viewpoint, but it has also allowed him to share his experiences of being a South Florida resident and a fan who attends all home games with his family. With the despair that has come with the pandemic, he has tried his best to keep the Dolphins fanbase upbeat, active, engaged, and excited for the season: he asked everyone to send their Tua NFL Draft reaction videos, and compiled them and put them on YouTube (under Big E). He engaged fans to send him a video of them washing their hands to the Miami Dolphins fight song (as the length matches how long a person should wash their hands), and he created picture montages of when Fins fans attended games.