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Lori Haynes - Indianapolis Colts 2020 Fan of the Year

Lori Haynes

Lori volunteers with Special Olympics as a parent, coach, and Area 5 Management Team member. A lot of our athletes are as passionate about the Colt's as she is. It has helped her own 26-year-old autistic son because she makes football dip for every game since they don't get to attend in person but once a year. The doctors told Lori that her son would never talk. The Colt's help her spark conversation among people who struggle with being social. Lori and her husband only get one weekend a year for just the two of them to reconnect and relax a bit since their son struggles with crowds and noise. Tehy always chose to spend that weekend in Indy to attend a Colt's game. It's become a tradition. Sadly, they do not get to come this year because her husband lost his job, and she must have a 2nd neck surgery due to the first one 6 months ago failing. Winning this would lift her spirits and give her family something positive to focus on.