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Voter Facts, Key Dates, FAQs


According to 2020 post-election U.S. Census data, as many as one in four eligible voters in the country were not registered.

Less than 60% of potential voters aged 11-24 reported being registered to vote, and registration rates in communities of color lagged significantly behind the general electorate.

In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as many as one in four Americans reported not being registered to vote.

A recent study of mayoral elections found that fewer than 15% of eligible voters cast their ballot for mayor in 10 of America's 30 largest cities.


September 28             --        National Voter Registration Day

October 4-8                --        National Voter Registration Week

October 23                 --        Vote Early Day

November 1               --        Election Hero Day 

Learn more about these civic holidays at


Why is the league launching this voter education and registration effort at this moment?

  • We recognize that voting is one of our most fundamental rights, so we want to use our platform to advocate for all members of the NFL family to exercise it.

Does the NFL support a specific party or political agenda?

  • Our effort is non-partisan. As a league, our role is to support all efforts made by members of our NFL Family as they seek to cast their vote. We commit to doing our part to encourage voter education, registration and then activation, and we plan to team up in the coming weeks with national nonpartisan groups to assist us in these efforts moving forward.

Who is involved in the league's voting initiative?

  • This is a collaborative, league-wide effort that includes the NFL Players Association and other player leaders. The league also is partnering with three nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations – I Am A Voter, RISE to Vote, and Rock the Vote – to advance our goal of increasing civic engagement in NFL communities across the country. These organization were chosen because of their mission, capacity and experience to engage communities, register voters, and increase voter participation and turnout.

How can I take part in this initiative and make sure that I am registered and able to vote in the upcoming elections in my state?

  • Click on the links and visit the websites of our nonpartisan partners to find out more about the requirement and process to register to vote and cast a ballot in the elections.


Our democracy works best when we all participate.

Our democracy works best when we all participate.

Unify the nation to end racism and champion social justice.

Unify the nation to end racism and champion social justice.

Register to Vote and more

Engage young people in politics and build our collective power.