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Vera Institute of Justice

Police Community Relations

The Vera Institute of Justice is a justice reform change agent studying problems, testing solutions, harnessing the power of evidence, and driving public debate to urgently build justice systems that ensure fairness, promote safety, and strengthen communities.

Grant Partner Since: 2020

NFL Funding Supports:

  • Vera's In Our Backyards initiative and its work to end the catastrophic rise of incarceration in small cities and rural counties, advance racial equity, and reinvest in supports and resources that build truly healthy and vibrant communities through policy advocacy, narrative-changing campaigns and research in partnership with community members and system stakeholders.
  • Vera's Policing Program and its work to advance crisis response programs, policies, and resources that connect people experiencing behavioral health crises to community-based services while minimizing involvement with police and the criminal justice system.
Vera Institute of Justice