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U.S. Dream Academy


The U.S. Dream Academy supports children of incarcerated parents and their families through mentoring and academic assistance, knitting together a "Village" comprised of staff, volunteer mentors, parents, teachers, local business owners, university partnerships and faith institutions to create a safety net that offers restorative relationships and builds social capital for students.

Grant Partner Since: 2021

NFL Funding Supports:

  • Growing of program offerings, marketing, engagement of students and mentors, and funding staff positions, as well as providing parents, caretakers, and children with resources, activities, training, and networking opportunities.
  • Enhancing the Academy's recruitment and engagement efforts through strategic partnerships and re-training/hiring of staff on effective recruitment and engagement strategies during quarantine.
  • Other programs, including afterschool in-person and virtual skill-building classes for DreamTeens and the Partnerships with Prison Fellowship, which helps the Academy execute a more directed recruitment of children with incarcerated parents and caretakers.
U.S. Dream Academy