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UNCF envisions a nation where all Americans have equal access to a college education that prepares them for rich intellectual lives, competitive and fulfilling careers, engaged citizenship and service to our nation. UNCF mission is to build a pipeline of under-represented students who become highly qualified college graduates, and to ensure its network of 37-member HBCU institutions is a model of best practice in moving students to and through college.

Grant Partner Since: 2019

NFL Funding Supports:

  • On-campus Social Justice Hubs, which serve as centers for social justice research and programming that expand the long-held role of HBCU's as institutional incubators and educators as well as support the delivery of academic programs for students pursuing careers in criminal justice, sociology, psychology and social work.
  • Thought Leaders Convenings, which create opportunities for member institutions to examine priority criminal justice, social justice, and policy issues that impact HBCUs and the broader community and share strategies and best practices that promote reform.
  • Development of Social Justice Majors/Support Existing Programs to help meet the needs and expand the impact of existing programs and support the development of new curricula among UNCF member institutions and the broader HBCU community.
United Negro College Fund