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Oregon Justice Resource Center

Criminal Justice Reform

Founded in 2011, the Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC) addresses the unmet legal needs of justice-involved people, especially those from historically marginalized communities, people of color and people in poverty among them. The OJRC uses a justice center model that brings together multiple legal programs under one roof, sharing administrative and fundraising resources for greater efficiency. Through direct legal services, advocacy, public education, communications, and collaborations with likeminded groups, the OJRC is able to maximize its impact on Oregon's justice system, with proven success.

Grant Partner Since: 2021

NFL Funding Supports:

  • The Women's Justice Project (WJP), the first and only program in Oregon to exclusively address the needs of women who are intersecting with the criminal system. The program provides direct legal services, strategic partnerships, public awareness campaigns, and coordinating legal and advocacy areas to positively impact outcomes in favor of gender-responsive reforms in the criminal legal system.
  • The Youth Justice Project (YJP), a similar program that takes a holistic approach to addressing the systemic flaws in Oregon's treatment of youth in the adult system.
  • Sustaining current capacity and enabling the OJRC to expand, including salary for new staff across the Women's Justice Project and Youth Justice Project to assist with legal services, public education, and policy reforms.
Oregon Justice Resource Center