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Ladies of Hope Ministries

Criminal Justice Reform

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM) works to eradicate poverty and create alternatives to incarceration, decarceration, and post-incarceration opportunities by providing access to food and housing and resources for education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability through advocacy. LOHM addresses the crisis of poverty and incarceration of women and girls through two core agency pillars: Sustainability and Direct Services and Empowerment and Advocacy. The latter pillar encompasses two signature programs: The Faces of Women Imprisoned (FWOI) and EPIC Ambassadors.

Grant Partner Since: 2021

NFL Funding Supports:


  • Cohort recruiting, marketing, communications, and partial salary for the Cohort Director and Booking Agent, as well as program supplies, training, and development in public speaking, speaker bureau software, curriculum augmentation for the cohort and graduation program.

EPIC Ambassadors

  • Salaries and funds for EPIC Regional Ambassadors and Director of Advocacy & Engagement, Training, Development including travel.
  • Communication and advocacy support for EPIC Ambassadors' Parole and Probation Accountability Project (PPAP) which includes: publication that addresses knowing your rights; increased regional messaging via social media and website enhancement; regional convenings of legislative awareness events; printed materials and awareness materials.
Ladies of Hope Ministries