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just city

Just City

Criminal Justice Reform

Just City is a nonprofit serving people who have current or previous involvement with the criminal legal system and advocating for meaningful reform to that system. Just City challenges the criminal justice status quo, offers new narratives around crime and punishment, and proposes more sensible policies that not only benefit people in Shelby County, but all Tennesseans.

Grant Partner Since: 2021

NFL Funding Supports:

  • The Clean Slate Fund, which has helped hundreds of people seal their criminal history from public view, opening up employment and other economic opportunities.
  • The Memphis Community Bail Fund, which pays cash bail for people in pretrial detention, reuniting them with family, saving jobs, and reducing the chance of future justice system involvement.
  • Court Watch, which places volunteer observers in courtrooms to record their observations and provide much-needed transparency and accountability to our court system.
Just City