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Free Minds Book Club

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop supports incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youths and adults, using the literary arts, workforce development, trauma healing, peer mentoring, and advocacy to achieve individual and community change. Free Minds advances decarceration and develops leaders, equipping participants with the necessary skills and resources to achieve their career and life goals.

Grant Partner Since: 2022

NFL Funding Supports:

  • Intensive, individualized reentry support and case management for formerly incarcerated individuals, helping ensure a smooth, successful reentry journey.
  • A workforce development apprenticeship, providing valuable professional experience and training for Free Minds members.
  • Peer Support Training Program that specializes in social-emotional skill building so that participants can serve as trusted pillars of support to peers transitioning home from prison.
  • Leadership development training, preparing returning members with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to be impactful changemakers in their communities.
Free Minds Book Club