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Inspire Change Resources: Grant Partners

Center for Policing Equity

Police Community Relations

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) is a research and advocacy organization that produces analyses to identify and reduce the causes of racial disparities in policing and reimagine public safety. In 2015, CPE established the National Justice Database (NJD), the country's first and largest database tracking national statistics on police behavior.

Grant Partner Since: 2021

NFL Funding Supports:

  • COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J), a data-driven approach to identifying the sources of racial disparity in policing and generating reforms that reduce them.
  • The Roadmap for Exploring New Models of Funding Public Safety, an evidence-based approach that frames how communities and law enforcement partners might create right-sized departments without risking increased violence, aggravating racial disparities, or producing unintended consequences that do not serve communities calling for change.
  • CPE's 2024 goal of reaching 100 million people with its data-driven interventions, and funding of other work, including an evidence-base and an assessment strategy of the new forms of social service, co-responder models, and alternatives to policing.