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Emily Hunt Turner worked as a HUD attorney in New Orleans and witnessed firsthand the devastation for those seeking housing following Katrina, along with other systemic barriers that prevented people from obtaining housing. But she was specifically struck by those that were impacted by the justice system. While she was living and working there, she met numerous justice-impacted scholars who used their legal expertise to seek and secure their freedoms. This led her to dream of a path where impacted humans can move into leadership roles in our country. All Square was founded 6 years ago, but Emily Hunt Turner has been working in justice reform for more than a decade. 

Emily is the founder and CEO of All Square. All Square is a nonprofit social enterprise that invests in the lives of those impacted by mass incarceration. All Square creates innovative programs and commercial endeavors to transform systemic injustice and create a world where the harms created by the criminal justice system have been healed. All Square's programing includes employing fellows each year who have been impacted by the justice system, but their employment goes beyond that, including regular business-focused training programs, mental health resources, and much more.

She is also a co-founder of The Legal Revolution (TLR). TLR is a movement to structurally transform the legal discipline through a series of initiatives that center racial equity, wellness, and the expertise of those most impacted by the law.

Emily has worked diligently to build All Square, equip the fellows, and provide shoulder to shoulder support so those impacted by justice can become America's next great leaders. And more recently, Emily was part of the founding trio that began the development of The Legal Revolution. She honors and respects the voices of justice-impacted leaders across our community and beyond. Further, Emily has such deep and loving respect for the All Square team and is constantly striving to see a world where justice-impacted people are treated with equity, kindness and respect.