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Los Angeles Rams

Brandon Salaam-Bailey

Brandon "Stix" Salaam-Bailey, the founder of the THINKWATTS Foundation, focuses on community grassroots activations along with developing financial literacy programs, customer container housing solutions and combatting food insecurities. Born and raised in Watts, California, Stix has worked to become a rapper, record producer, songwriter and entrepreneur over the last 16 years. His involvement with music is a jumping off point to his advocacy and giving back to his community through his THINKWATTS Foundation.  

Stix is relentlessly making sure people from his community, and others like it, are not left behind or forgotten. Stix is the definition of boots on the ground. He makes it his priority to be present from teaching financial literacy courses to delivering meals door to door with his organization. 

One of his mottos is – "It's not only about talking the talk but walking the walk." Watching him in action is inspiring and makes everyone working alongside him want to work even harder. He does all of this while uplifting the community by providing jobs, classes, and access to better education. Stix began philanthropy work when he realized the inequalities in different communities. He was blessed to become successful in the music and entertainment business and was exposed to different ways of life. His opportunities have inspired him to provide younger generations access to experiences that they may not be afforded due to systemic issues.  

Stix has been involved in philanthropy work even before he realized what it was. He maxed out his first credit card by buying turkeys for his community and has continued giving back ever since. In 2018, he started the THINKWATTS Foundation once he realized the need was greater than just food insecurities and that there was more impactful work to be done.  

Stix is loved and very respected. We see the outcome of the work he does for our community and the change it's making. In addition to a wide array of programming such as free financial literacy courses, a Weekly Meal program that feeds hundreds of Watts residents, and entrepreneurship training, the THINKWATTS Foundation is also responsible for the development of 16 outdoor courts, an indoor gym, a Planet Fitness facility free for students, and historical murals in the Watts community. The best is yet to come with STIX's new development THINK WATTS HQ headquarters which will be a hub where residents can receive access to resources and tools such financial literacy, entrepreneurship assistance, sewing and printing machines to manufacture clothing, a music studio, office space and desks, a coding classroom, and an outdoor soccer / basketball court.