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Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

Coach Arpedge Rolle

Coach Arpedge Rolle has been recognized as one of the best defensive and offensive line specialist coaches in the country, with nearly 20 years of experience. He has coached several NFL/Pro, All Conference, All-American and All-League MVPs. His well-coached defensive linemen and offensive linemen have been and continue to be successful on the high school, collegiate, and professional level. Coach Rolle is also a former teacher with 15 years in the educational system of California and Florida. While teaching in the educational system, Coach Rolle worked with schools to help establish a program that would serve student-athletes who needed extra educational support and behavioral modifications. 

Now, Coach Arpedge "Big Dawg" Rolle has expanded his knowledge as a coach/specialist and as an educator, to serve student-athletes in the Las Vegas Communities through Big Dawg Football Nonprofit, which was established in 2018. 

The Big Dawg nonprofit aims to assist inspiring, underserved youth as they qualify for post high school education and skill development. Building his business from his passions, Coach Rolle created a program called A.C.E, to help support families and their student-athletes in the Las Vegas Communities. The objective of the A.C.E Program is to build student athletes holistically by molding youth through character development and academic support. A.C.E stands for: Athletic development, Character molding, and Educational support, and the program services nearly 200 student-athletes yearly. 

Through Coach Rolle's leadership, Big Dawg nonprofit is extending the "E" to specifically create what's called E.E.P., standing for Extended Educational Plan. Through partnered schools, E.E.P. will be able to evaluate students' academic performances and create a specific curriculum that will not only address the root of the challenge but provide an academic prescription that will ensure students' progress. Grant funding will provide more tutors for Math, English, and Science in high schools along with SAT & ACT Prep for high school athletes. Previously held exclusively at the Five Star Lineman Academy, the A.C.E. program is now expanding to the Clark County School District middle and high schools in the historic west side.