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Sherelle Hogan: CEO & Founder of the Pure Heart Foundation

Sherelle Hogan, CEO and Founder of the Pure Heart Foundation, is the perfect candidate for the Inspire Change Changemaker Award. When you think of a changemaker, Sherelle and the Pure Heart Foundation is the definition of it. Growing up on the East Side of Detroit, Sherelle endured many socioeconomic barriers that should have diminished and marginalized her dreams of success and opportunity to transform the lives of others. However, she was able to overcome and become a serial entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, advocate for women living with endometriosis, and most importantly, the CEO and Founder of the Pure Heart Foundation.

Founded in 2015, the Pure Heart Foundation is designed to break the cycle of generational incarceration by providing wraparound services that strategically benefits the child of an incarcerated parent and family. Through Pure Heart, each child of an incarcerated parent has a chance to be heard, supported, and encouraged to navigate life despite their circumstance. The Pure Heart Foundation has developed a program that will ensure children of incarcerated parents will perform at their best capacity and become fitting citizens in our society.

As a child who had incarcerated parents, Sherelle developed this unique program to change the lives of children who are in similar situations as she was. Her vision is to provide all children with incarcerated parents an opportunity to reimagine their lives knowing that they have the love, resources and support that is needed to push through in life.  

Pure Heart has been selected as a Detroit Lions Inspire Change partner for the past two seasons. In addition, Pure Heart is the only organization in Michigan that offers a holistic wraparound service model to children of incarcerated parents. Their model serves children ages 4-18, but also continues the support after they graduate high school. As of today, Pure Heart currently provides services to 225 students in Detroit. Lastly, Pure Heart has been sought out to serve/expand its services to Grand Rapids, Michigan in January 2023. Sherelle's main goal is to be a replicated national model.