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LeGreg Harrison

LeGreg Harrison deserves to win this award because his community efforts embody the pillars that the Inspire Change game represents: education, economic advancement, and police-community relationships. Four years ago, LeGreg co-founded an organization called Future Moguls Incorporated with his partner Muhammad Hill. The nonprofit organization focuses on empowering African American youth by annually assisting the underserved between the ages of 12-18, in the creation, development, and procurement of start-up funding for their own businesses and corporations through The Future Moguls Academy. In Partnership with Tumaini DC, they sent five youth to the summer Grant Cardone Pitch competition where three of them won and received funds towards their business.

LeGreg's nonprofit was created four years ago, but he has been involved with community work for over fifteen years. When LeGreg was in the third grade, he would draw on his sneakers and sell his designs to his classmates. He was an entrepreneur before he even knew what that the word meant. As he continued to grow in his passion, he began to wonder how he could change the narrative for the underserved community. The key for LeGreg was providing financial literacy and giving the community an earlier start. An earlier start for the next generation helps create generational wealth.

LeGreg is a founding member of Future Moguls Incorporated and sits on the board. Aside from this organization. LeGreg also does work with his business, The Museum, which recently donated 8,000 branded hats, scarves, and pairs of socks to the southeast ward eight community and homeless shelter. His passion is to provide for those "at potential", not "at risk," because he sees himself in those communities. Additionally, LeGreg has created uniforms for six local DC schools to help stop bullying due to lack of resources. Furthermore, he continues to make relationships with local DC police officers as he remembers a time when he was a kid and there wasn't as much hostility between the police force and the community. He uses his connections to bridge the gap by bringing his police friends to events that he has for the neighborhood, such as their annual turkey drive. His most recent project included partnering with Under Armour and the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation to refurbish a local DC basketball court.