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The NFL is committed to addressing and preventing domestic violence and sexual assault. Through national and local partnerships, the NFL works year-round to provide resources to educate communities and support survivors. The NFL also works annually with Super Bowl host communities to celebrate the often-unnoticed efforts of the hundreds of employees and volunteers working behind the scenes at domestic violence shelters and sexual assault prevention organizations as well as funding and deploying human trafficking prevention initiatives. In addition, all 32 NFL clubs continue to work in their communities on efforts ranging from abuse intervention programs, crisis center fundraisers, high school healthy relationship assemblies, and local public service campaigns.


The annual NFL Social Responsibility Curriculum is taught to all members of NFL teams and NFL league offices using a combination of videos and interactive discussion. The curricula are available below, and we encourage you to utilize it for broader educational purposes.


The NFL also works with local and national organizations committed to preventing domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as promoting healthy relationships.