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The NFL, its clubs, players, the NFL Player Association, the American Cancer Society are committed to the fight against all cancers and to providing individuals with the tools they need to help them better understand early detection and ways to reduce their cancer risk. The NFL is also working with the Canadian Cancer Society for the third year in a row to extend this campaign internationally.

Crucial Catch: It takes all of us to fight cancer

NFL players and their families discuss why it takes all of us to fight cancer.

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All NFL Crucial Catch product is produced by official NFL licensees. As NFL licensees, such companies pay a royalty (% of wholesale sales) to the NFL when selling officially licensed products to retailers worldwide. The NFL receives payment of that wholesale royalty once licensees sell their respective NFL licensed products to distributors and retailers (i.e., the royalty is not based on retailers' consumer-facing prices in-store or online). The NFL does not retain any profits generated by royalties received due to the sale of Crucial Catch products. All dollars are donated to the American Cancer Society.