The NFL ASL Collection by LOVE SIGN™

As part of Deaf Awareness Month in September, the NFL is releasing the first NFL-licensed apparel collection featuring American Sign Language (ASL) on! The NFL ASL Collection by LOVE SIGN™ includes t-shirts by Homage and hats by New Era featuring the logo and colors of all 32 clubs and the ASL handshape sign for the phrase "I Love You". For the first time ever, the Love Sign collection brings the power of ASL to official NFL apparel and is a natural step aligning with the NFL's mission of bringing together diverse communities while allowing the fanbase to express their fandom using one of the most recognized signs in ASL.

The Love Sign's visual campaign incorporates models and allies from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and was shot on a Deaf friendly set. More to come about this!

Learn More About the Love Sign™

Learn More About the Love Sign™

In 2023, LOVE SIGN ™ expanded from jewelry into apparel through a collaboration with the Academy Museum to celebrate the Academy Award winning film, CODA. Now, in its first launch with the NFL, they have partnered to create a design that celebrates both the beauty of the love sign and the movement that is associated with the use of the sign.

Its founder, Alexis Kashar, comes from a multi-generational Deaf family with a rich legacy in advocacy and innovation. As a civil rights lawyer, she discovered that the most compelling form of advocacy comes from the power of human connection. A distinctive necklace that she wears featuring the ASL sign for love is a constant conversation starter highlighting the significance of ASL and the discussions it inspires. This led to the creation of LOVE SIGN™, a brand under RoseBYANDER ©, a Deaf and female run company.