Pepsi NEXT Rookie of the Week: Keenan Allen

The San Diego Chargers' Keenan Allen was selected as the Pepsi NEXT Rookie of the Week for Week 12. Allen was the top vote-getter in a group that also included the St. Louis Rams' Benny Cunningham, Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Mike Glennon, Tennessee Titans' Justin Hunter and Green Bay Packers' Eddie Lacy.


Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers

Allen had nine receptions for 124 yards in the Chargers' 41-38 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Benny Cunningham, St. Louis Rams

Cunningham rushed for 109 yards on 13 carries and scored a touchdown in the Rams' 42-21 victory against the Chicago Bears

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Glennon passed for 247 yards and two touchdowns in the Buccaneers' 24-21 win over the Detroit Lions.

Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans

Hunter had six receptions for 109 yards and a touchdown in the Titans' 23-19 victory against the Oakland Raiders.

Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers

Lacy scored a touchdown and had 110 rushing yards in the Packers' 26-26 tie against the Minnesota Vikings.


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  • 1
    KareemHunt RB - CHIEFS
  • 2
    TyusBowser LB - RAVENS
  • 3
    JakeElliott K - EAGLES
  • 4
    AlvinKamara RB - SAINTS
  • 5
    AaronJones RB - PACKERS
  • 6
    MarshonLattimore CB - SAINTS
  • 7
    AaronJones RB - PACKERS
  • 8
    MarshonLattimore CB - SAINTS
  • 9
    AlvinKamara RB - SAINTS
  • 10
    AlvinKamara RB - SAINTS